Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun with Frogs and Fractions

I am sooo excited about switching to Common Core for math next year!

I am looking forward to teaching a math curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for my students. (Although, my coworkers keep reminding me that our county will probably put their own spin on things) My students and I have struggled through fractions in the past. This is sad because in my class we LOVE math!! Their little brainos just can't handle this abstract concept, especially in the two weeks that I have to teach ALL of this: 
  • Represent fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) concretely and symbolically.
  • Compare fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) using models.
  • Make different representations of the same fraction
  • Combine fractions to describe parts of a whole
  • Create, model, and solve problems that involve addition, subtraction, equal grouping, and division into halves, thirds, and fourths (record in fraction form).
Click on the image below to enjoy a freebie on fractions based on the second grade Common Core Standards! 


  1. Found you on Pinterest!For some reason I can't get the google docs to open the document, it says that I don't have permission or something. Can you email it to me? THanks!

  2. I wouldn't mind e-mailing it to you at all. My e-mail address is if you would like to send me your address. :)

  3. I agree! I'm in the exact same boat as njang. Could I send you my email address as well? Thank you!

  4. Do you know if anyone has these for 4th Grade? I feel the same way about trying to teach it to 4th graders, especially when they don't have that great foundation they need to begin with!


    1. I'm sorry, I don't know anything about fraction freebies for fourth grade! I may try to make some things for other grade levels for common core in the future though! I would go on Teachers Pay Teachers and search for fractions and then things that are FREE.


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