Friday, February 24, 2012

3-Digit Addition Match Game!

I was up late last night make this SUPER cute 3- digit addition match game. When I saved it, although I was working in Microsoft Office it saved in Microsoft Office STARTER! I tried deleting the starter from my computer and I lost a ton of stuff that I had made before I finally put in the code to have the full version 

. . . Anyway . . . not that you care about any of this but what should have been an hour long project turned into 2 as I had to basically redo the whole thing because you cannot copy and paste politely from one version to the other.

So now that I have gone through all the trouble of making this, you HAVE to check it out! I used super cute graphics from KPMDoodles. AND it is only $1.00! In fact, EVERYTHING in my TPT store is $1.00 so you need to go check it out! I'm not even having a sale, I just have a hard time selling things to teachers for more than $1.00 b/c well . . . I know how much I make! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey there Ms. T. Now I am one of your newest followers! I love teaching math and will come back and check our your blog a lot!
    Thanks for coming to mine! Your blog is cute too! And all of your graphics on here, were they free?

    Second In Line


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