Saturday, February 4, 2012

Number Charts & We Are At . . .

I have been really unhappy with the number charts (or hundreds charts) that I have been finding for numbers beyond 100. One of our 2nd grade state assessment questions requires our butter beans to fill in the missing numbers in a hundreds board, also called number puzzles. The numbers could be in the 300's, 900's, etc . . . all the way up to 999. There are some charts out there but they don't look (for lack of a better word) "clean." Anyway, I made my own! You can check them out on my Teachers Pay Teachers page. 

The first set has charts for numbers 101 - 999. (I skipped the 1 - 100 chart because I have too many of those already).
The second set of charts has missing numbers that students will have to fill in.

I have a ton of ideas for how I am going to use these in my classroom. Check back later in the week to see them in action!

Also, I borrowed this idea from The Go to Teacher who shared her "We are at . . . " I modified it so that it would work with my school. 

Here is Miss. Willis' version:
Here is my version:
I am excited to have this laminated and start using it. I still haven't fully committed to purple, I keep switching to pink or orange or green or blue, I like them all!! I am also not committed to any of the fonts but after 30 minutes you just have to stop!!


  1. The chart you created fits our school perfectly. I've downloaded it. Thanks for posting it:-)

    1. You're welcome! Let me know if you would like different colors . . . or a ladybug somewhere! :)


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