Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Pin Thursday

So I survived a full moon this week and I am ready for tomorrow! (I don't care what skeptics say about the full moon, it definitely has an impact on my little rays of sunshine!) I love Fridays almost as much as I love Mondays. I am always scrambling throw everything in that I can so that MAYBE they won't forget what we have learned over the weekend. Anyway, I haven't really been busy blogging this week but I did discover some great math ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share. Here are ten awesome ideas.

1. I still have kiddos who get the nickel and the quarter mixed up. I thought that this would be a fun early finisher activity!

2. Fraction Sundae . . . We definitely need to have more fun like this in my class. 

3. Cool craft for addition with regrouping.

4. This would be fun to do using the kids names. I know some kiddos who would do this for early finishers. 

 5. There are a ton of freebies for teaching shapes on this blog post. (I did originally see this on Pinterest and then forgot to repin!)

 6. If you have never played SCOOT before you should SO try it!

7. These spinners would be really easy to make to practice subtracting with regrouping. 
 8. Expanded form isn't one of the objectives in our county for second grade but I like to teach it anyway. 

9.  I have been wanting to make these for puzzles for a long time now. 

10. These would be SO easy to make!

I hope that you can use some of these ideas!

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