Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daily 5 BINGO Freebie

Yes, this IS actually a post about literacy BUT it all began when I had to find something for my kids to do while I was pulling kids from our grade level in a MATH remediation group. (And I and going to go ahead and apologize for the GIANT pics, they just didn't look right any smaller!)

It was pretty easy to make this Read Across America BINGO sheet for my kiddos because I had a theme to go with (that is not usually the case because I generally don't teach based on a theme). This is what we did this week. 
My kids were SUPER excited about this because to them it looked like a PROJECT and my kids LOVE projects! BUT because I wasn't going to be in my classroom during this time to make sure they got everything done to my satisfaction I made this schedule:
We had one of these for Tuesday - Thursday to make sure that everyone completed the entire BINGO. And yes I know that this is a complex schedule for a second grader but I throw crap like this at my kids all the time because I LOVE making color coded schedules.

Okay . . . so the point of all of that is to show you THIS: 

And you can have it for FREE! That is if you even want or need this! It is available in Microsoft Word so that you can edit to meet the needs of your students.  I plan to use it to help make my kids  more accountable during Daily 5 and to add a little variety. They love completing a task and checking it off. This week I offered a prize for completing the whole BINGO successfully (I told them we were playing the kind of BINGO where its a "cover-all," btw!)

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  1. I love these sheets! I usually call them Think-Tac-Toes or Choice Menus. They're my favorite way to differentiate for all learning styles.

    I'm your newest follower and thank you for my sweet comment on my blog :)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  2. I love how you organize everything! I wish that I had enough time to fit such a large literacy block in! We do more like the Daily 3 :( My class got the short end of the stick for specials!

    I am your newest follower and love your blog so far!! Cannot wait to read more! Stop by my blog if you have the chance!



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