Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Look, Furry Friends Linky Party & Irregular Plural Nouns

So . . . how do you like my new look? I absolutely LOVE it!!! Erin from Creating and Designing did an awesome job! She is just getting started and I think she is going to be busy designing blogs for a long, long time! 

And . . . I am linking up tonight with the CUTEST linky party ever! Thanks to Sandy at Soaring Through Second Grade for coming up with this awesome idea!
 Any of you that have cats can appreciate how difficult it was to get these photos of them! They NEVER do what you want them to do! In this picture they had BOTH been looking right at me and when I snapped the photograph they both turned to look at something else.

This is my favorite photo of Charlie. He is balanced on top of a bean bag on a quilt stand that I was storing in what used to be my junk room.  He loved to lay up there. He also loves having his picture taken and is quite photogenic, I think.
Jasmine is actually much prettier than Charlie but less photogenic. Do any of you also have this problem? I know I do! ;)

Okay . . . so I'm also required to note what I have learned from my purry friends.

1. Cats can be just as much fun as dogs. (Before I got Charlie I didn't even like cats)
2. Yes, you can sleep with a 13 pound sack of fat on your head.
3. Having your kitty greet you at the door when you get home can be the best part of your day! :) 

Okay, thanks for listening to me drone on about my kitties! Go check out my latest freebie my Irregular Plural Nouns Matching Game on TPT! This is to prove that I really CAN teach the other subjects even though math is my favorite! :)
That's all fellow stalkers! Enjoy the rest of your evening! :)


  1. I've got 3 words for you...cute, cute, cute! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. LOVE the new look! Jasmine and Charlie are too cute! Charlie's face is adorable--I love how symmetrical it is! :)

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  3. LOVE the new blog design :) Great choices!
    My Second Sense

  4. Love the new look! Thanks for sharing pics of the fur-babies.
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  5. What a pair that Charlie and Jasmine are!!! I loved their pictures! Thank you for sharing them!!!! PS- I love the look of your blog!

  6. Cute Cute Cute! I can 100% relate to how excited you must be with your new design (since I got my own new design last night!!)

    I love your colorful-ness! It makes me smile! And I love your kitties (if I hadn't already posted today and already had my post planned for tomorrow, I'd totally link up with my 2 furry manx babies!)

    Happy Saturday!
    Just Tinkerin’ Around

  7. Your furbabies are beautiful! I'm your newest follower - yay!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

  8. Your blog design is adorable, and your kitties are cute, too! I am a dog person, but my family ended up with cats too and we have one who we call our "dat" because she begs for food along with the dogs and comes when she's called. The other one is all cat, though :)

    Thank you for the freebie!
    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  9. Love your sweet furbabies! I've linked up to the party too, so come by for a visit and meet Miss Maggie Bleu!

    Furbaby Blessings,

    The Teacher's Chatterbox

  10. Love your cats! And I understand about it being hard to get good photos of cats. I have one who is blind but seems to sense when I want him to be still for a photo. I've got some blurry ones of him.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  11. I love your furry friends!! They are very cute!! I also love your blog it is very colorful!

  12. Love your changes to your blog. It's so colorful. I gave you a shout out on my blog. I noticed we both used the same frames:) Great minds think alike, eh? Don't you just love the Pond Graphics? Irregular plurals can be a real hang up for some students, don't you agree? Mine need all the help they can get!!

  13. I LOVE that pic of Charlie!!! Jasmine looks like a princess :)
    I love your blog!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties


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