Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Call Me . . . Knot Hand & Flash Giveaway Reminder!

So Knotty: 

Well I guess you wouldn't say that I am SO knotty, just a little, like a one knot wonder. I have this hard painful knot right where my pointer finger meets my palm on my left hand. 

It hurts. I have had it for a year. It has tripled in size! SCARY! 

On Monday I realized that I was basically not using my left hand at all anymore unless I had too. I decided that it was probably time to go to the doctor. 

The news at the Doctor was that I shouldn't really be worried about it. It is a cyst on my tendon and that it doesn't seem to be going away on its on as they sometimes do since mine is getting bigger. (Yeah, lucky me!) My options are to: 

A. Take IBProfen to reduce the swelling and hopefully be able to just ignore the damn thing. 
B. Go see a hand surgeon and HAVE IT CUT OUT! 
I've decided I'll keep him. Yes him, lets name him "Marty." Now that I have given him a name we simply can't part. . . . it's just like naming a stray cat . . . right?? 

You see, I haven't had a needle stuck in my body since I was 15 and my Mom did a SURPRISE flu shot on me! Like I thought I was going to the Doctor for one thing and she was all like "While we are here Casey would like a flu shot." What could I do? What I wanted to do was scream and run for the parking lot . . . that's only cute when your a wee lass . . . 

. . . All of this SHEER TERROR was because I was TRAUMATIZED when I was 11 and they gave me a shot in my BUTT and it HURT REALLY BAD . . . and then that same year they gave me a MACHINE GUN SHOT for hepatitis at school . . . . Okay, so it wasn't a machine gun, it was an air gun . . . but it hurt . . . a lot. I am DONE with needles. Can I just make that known???

Anyway, so while I was hoping for magic today at the Doctors office what I got was sludge. In my future are not only needles but KNIVES!! 

He said that I shouldn't be worried about this happening to my other fingers . . . that I am just unlucky. Wow, how did he know???

So here is my medical history for this year: 

2. Marty the Cyst

Flash Giveaway Reminder:

Don't FORGET to enter! It ends in 6 hours 3 minutes!!

I am now off to enjoy the rest of my weekend off! Tomorrow I am going to go see WICKED with my Mom!!!!  So excited!!!! Maybe I'll learn some tricks to use in my classroom with these INSANE ready for third grade MONSTERS! ;) 


  1. Oh, poor Marty. I hope he doesn't stay too much longer. Have a wonderfully "wicked" time!!!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. I entered the giveaway~ Hope the planets are lined up in my favor.

    For Christmas, Todd bought me tix for next weekends production of "Wicked." Have a great time.

  3. You will love Wicked! I've seen it three times and I could go again too.

  4. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate the efforts you have made for this blogDoctors on Call

  5. Enjoy Wicked! I'm so glad Marty is nothing to worry about.


  6. I LOVVVVEEEE Wicked!!! We had tickets to see it in San Diego, but our friends are having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas that weekend!! Sooo bummed that we are going to miss it!!!! Hope you had fun!!!

    Lessons with Laughter


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