Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Cute Bookmarks and Sale

Yes, I am going to be one of THOSE bloggers and remind you about the sale going on at TPT! I am participating! I have many really cute games that would be great for centers, so stock up now and use for next year if you don't need it right now!


 BUT, I am also going to give you these super cute bookmarks just for clicking on this post. They are all available in one download from Google Docs. :)

I am going to try and laminate these to give to my kiddos as end of year presents. Any ideas for something cheap I can throw in with them? I am not totally thrilled with the selection in the $1.00 from Scholastic right now . . . 

Happy Monday everyone! :)


  1. I love the bookmarks, Casey! Thanks so much!

    Delighted in Second

  2. Super Cute! Can't wait to print and use! Thanks for sharing.


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