Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ice Cream and Magic Wands

Yes, I am going to be one of THOSE bloggers. You know, who post things from their stores.  But I'm so proud, it is so cute!! AND, I REALLY haven't done this in quite some time. I've been giving things away left and right, no? 

I'm also considering getting one of these: 

I asked last night on Facebook for ideas for noise making attention getters. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Also, be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person to comment on this post and get Scooping Up Facts for FREE! :)


  1. Cute! Love ice cream:)

  2. The ice cream facts are really cute! I don't have anything clever for attention but our librarian uses a small xylophone. She rings it a certain way for attention or for them to know it's time to check out. I was thinking that might be something I would try so I'm not always using my voice to say "5 minutes" or whatever.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Very cute. I've used a small wind chime before, but hand signals and a whisper voice is what my last class responded to best. :)

    Kinder Cuties

    1. Casey, thanks so much for sharing your scooping up facts game with me. :) Yes, some of my kinders will use it. I teach a first grade curriculum and they leave me at second grade level. Last year, I had one kiddo who had a 5th grade reading ability and had already learned his division/multiplication facts! EEK, talk about keeping me on my toes. The others were just comprehending double digit adding with regrouping and he knew how to add triple digits with regrouping. I think your game can be used with lots of different levels. Well done!

  4. So cute

  5. I saw the zen chime used before, and it's what I want to use.

  6. Cute packet!! There's nothing wrong with a little advertising!! How else are we going to know about it?!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  7. oohh I want one of those chimes. Especially that cat one. I have pictures of my cats in my classroom. So I my kids already think of me as a cat lady lol.

    Adventures in Room 5

  8. Okay I just checked out your scooping up facts. It's only $1.50! It's already on my wish list for when I send my schools PO in. Yay!

  9. I love my Music Wand! :) Highly recommended, even with my rambunctious group!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  10. Wow...what a bargain! Also, as far as attention getters- changing my voice volume, pitch, clapping patterns, antonym and synonym games, categories, or just walking around the room, but not saying a word- proximity to students does wonders! If you have not, please check out my Blog :0

  11. I love the ice cream activity! It is adorable, and sharing new products from time to time is perfectly fine. Sometimes you come out with something that someone is looking for at that moment.

    To get my students' attention I rely on different signals like, "Eyes Up," or "1-2-3, Eyes one Me (students echo back 1-2, Eyes on You)", or even a series of claps that the students have to repeat. Sometimes I will even lower my voice and say, "If you can hear me, touch your nose. If you can hear me, touch your ears." This goes on until everyone catches on.

    Primarily Speaking

  12. I have one of those music wands and they do work and it got a nice sound to it. I had a rainstick I tried using several years ago and a couple of kids said the sound hurt their ears??? Never could figure it out. I have also done "Give Me 5". I have a poster that I go over at the beginning of the year. I like to have a lot of tricks in my bag.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  13. Just found your blog, and love it! I'm your newest follower.

    Math is Elementary

  14. The Scoop activity looks awesome!! Great job!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  15. This new set looks awesome! I've been looking for a neat little noisemaker also to use with Daily 5.



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