Monday, August 6, 2012

The Longest 15 minutes of the Day

At my school dismissal is officially at 3:45pm. But we dismiss our carpoolers to go the the gym around 3:30pm. Sometimes 3:35pm. I'm never sure what time it will be. This means that half of my class is gone around this time and I'm left with the remaining monsters.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. But after the bus/day care students see the carpoolers leave they are monsters

They are done. You can't do anything with them.

It is a battle every single day to keep them sitting and quiet.

One day this year I gave them miniature clocks to practice with. This went well. But when their buses were called at 3:45 they started throwing them. And this math maniac is extremely particular about her math gear.

Another day I let them read, but then they started lining the books up from ugliest storybook character to prettiest. This wasn't exactly a model of all of the character education I've been pounding into them . . . .

Does any one have any suggestions for what I could do with them that does not create a mess, is silent, and requires NO prep work or direction on my part? Because lets be honest, after the carpoolers leave I become a monster too.


  1. I have had kids sign up to read aloud to the class and that is usually a big hit. They also like to tell jokes, but I make them tell me first so I know if it is appropriate. You might also try some trivia. I hope that helps:)

  2. How about a read aloud? Addition/Subtraction flash cards?
    Vocabulary games?
    My Second Sense

  3. I sometimes would put on a Magic School Bus video or something else that kept them quiet. Our library has some great animals movies that my kids loved.

  4. The end of my day is chaotic, too! I started playing quick games with my kiddos {I Spy, etc.} to keep them calm. I also save some books to read during the last few minutes!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I like the game ideas above. Whatever you do, you need to make it "a secret" like it's something so special that they can't tell the others who leave early. That way they take pride in it and they might not turn into monsters :)

  6. Could you do some kind of exercises with them? Like jumping jacks?

    I feel your pain. I am thankful that all mine leave at the same time!

  7. My idea isn't really "quiet" but I know that when we've had a few minutes to kill I've put on my Dr. Jean cds and play some of the fun songs that gets them moving a little. I've done this when we need to get the wiggles out too. But for those kiddos who may need to move b/c the other kiddos are gone, it may be worth a try. You could also let them do freeze dance but put some restrictions, like must stay behind their desk. All my students leave at the same time, so I've never had to deal with this. I think it's interesting that half your kids leave 15 mins early....I hope you find something for your "monsters" :)

  8. What a challenge (and I can totally relate). Are the kids that leave able to pack up and get dismissed without disturbing the others? If you think they could - have you thought about some type of choice time? During my last 10 minutes, I have 'Star Club' (which is a fancy way of saying free choice). They can make books, play (learning) games, play with pattern blocks, dominoes, etc. They earn it, which means they can lose it. They do not like to lose it! I usually schedule 10 minutes or so (you could have it start when the other kiddos are still there - maybe 7-8 minutes? 3:25ish?) They can leave and the others can continue.

    Students who are not behaving during Star Club don't have any more until the next day.

    Not sure if this is your style, but it has REALLY been a great natural motivator for my kiddos during those last crazy minutes of the day! Well, all day, I guess!

    And I always introduce it very dramatically, "Raise your hand if you want to be in STAR CLUB!!!"

    Not sure if that helps, but I hope it does!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  9. Mad Libs and drawing on whiteboards have always been a big hit with mine. also has great kids' sudokus!


  10. I have no idea how to pass the time, but that sounds like a terrible schedule! good luck! I'm sure you'll figure something out!

    <3 Amy

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  11. My dismissal time is similar, although I only have about half of my kids until 3:45. We used to send our kids out to the center area with the other 4th grade classes and let them talk quietly, but then people fussed. I have also just read to the kids left, but I didn't like having to explain what had happened in the book to half the class every day. Last year, I had them clean up, and then they HAD to sit on the floor by the door (I gave points on Class Dojo if they were doing what they were supposed to) and talk quietly until 2nd buses were called. This actually worked pretty well! I think the big thing was that they knew they were earning points, but they were able to still talk without getting out of control.

    The Dalton Gang

  12. a girl I used to work with would let her kiddos have a silent writing time during dismissal, they could write notes to each other and deliver them silently... if someone talked, time was over. My school has a silent dismissal, from the time that car riders leave until all buses are gone. I have my kiddos that talk move their clip, so they start the next day already on yellow (a BIG motivator to keep quiet!). You could use this time for "secret trash" where the kiddos clean up the room, hoping that they'll pick up the one piece of trash that you secretly identified as the secret piece of trash. Or you could have the kiddos that are left pass out morning work or sort the days papers so you don't have to do it... hopefully you can use one of these ideas!

    :) Lauren
    Notes From Miss Dennis


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