Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Sale: The Best of 2013 at SGMM

There are so many exciting things going on right now at SGMM that the rest of my 10 days of giveaways has to be put on pause until Thursday!

The first exciting thing is the Back to School Sale at TPT of course! It begins tomorrow but my cart is already full!

I have linked up with Bunting, Books, & Bainbridge to share my Best and Most of 2013! 

My Teacher's Pet pick is my new favorite item in my store, my Math Teacher Binder. I use this binder every day in my own classroom to keep track of students and their data. I love the cover with those super cute people from Ashley Hughes so it makes me happy when I look at it. 

The item from my store that is most likely to help students successed is my Take Home Math Kits set.  Parents are constantly asking me how they can help at home, I use this resource to help them feel more empowered when it comes to their child's math education. 

My Best Couple are my Missing Addends Scoot and Telling Time Scoot. My kids LOVE scoot and these two products are frequently purchased together to target tricky concepts.

Check out some other incredible sellers who are having sales at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge

There are 3 more exciting events happening this week at SGMM so be sure to stop by on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! :)

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