Sunday, March 2, 2014

BIG Number Sense

Number sense is HUGE in my classroom. 

As a math teacher this year, I have really begun to dig deep into how the minds of struggling math students work. It usually all boils down to their basic understanding of numbers. We practice this as much as we can. 

This weekend I put the mini hundreds charts, from my Hundreds Charts Mega Pack, on book rings. I plan on making more sets of these so that we can use them for addition, subtraction, skip-counting, and place value. 

I can't wait to show these to my kids tomorrow! I already have a small group planned to work on subtracting 3 digit numbers with these little cuties! 

For a FREE sample of my Hundreds Chart Mega Pack, click here

I also have charts for numbers 101 - 1000! You can see those in my Hundreds Chart Mega Pack


  1. hi, love your blog and i love the mini 100 charts on colorful paper ... can you please explain the way you plan to use them? I use hundred boards a lot, but have not discovered the idea to ring them together and how to use them like i'm intrigued! thanks and sorry to sound so clueless! ana


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