Friday, April 25, 2014

Movement & Math with GoNoodle!

Over the past few weeks I have been testing a fun new brain break resource with my kiddos. It is called GoNoodle, and my kids are loving it!

We have been using GoNoodle to get out our wiggles, review math concepts, and also to focus and relax. Yes, it really is that dymanic.

I created a free account, and from our home screen we were able to select our own little Noodle Champ to encourage us along the way. Our gauge on the side also goes up as we spend more and more time on GoNoodle. They love seeing it move up, up, up!

The activity my kids enjoy the most are the Zumba Kids dance breaks. These dances are perfect way to get out a lot of energy quickly, they last about 3 minutes. I have used Zumba Kids as an incentive to get my kiddos to pack up quickly and clean our classroom in the afternoon.They have never cleaned so quickly or so well! :)

Another new tool in my bag of tricks are all of the calming activites. One of the calming activities, Air Time, ties in with our current unit on maps! Students engage in deep  breathing while a bubble travels across the US.

Today we traveled to Kitty Hawk, NC! I love the Social Studies connection with this activity. Below is the post card we received when we were done traveling.

The free features on GoNoodle are pretty cool, but I would also recommend heading over to the Primary Chalkboard for an opportunity to win an upgrade to a GoNoodle Plus account. GoNoodle Plus includes fun things like Mega Math Marathon! 

So let's recap!

1. GoNoodle is a great site that can help kids relax and also release energy.
2. There are tons of activities available for FREE from GoNoodle. You can sign up for a free account by clicking here.
3. You can win an upgraded account from Primary Chalkboard by clicking here

Any questions? Just leave a comment below. :)


  1. Thanks for being part of the Mystery box giveaway. I hope I win so I can show off my Tieks at my daughter's graduation, and all the parties that follow.

  2. All summer long in my new Tieks!!

  3. I would wear them EVERYWHERE I go. I live in ballet flats!

  4. Hoping it is ok to comment on the mystery box giveaway here....
    I would probably wear them everywhere except the garden!

  5. I didn't see a post for the Mystery Box so here's my answer: I would show them off at school.

  6. First, I absolutely love GoNoodle. It has been a lifesaver this year, and my kids are always asking for it! Second, the Mystery Box giveaway.... I would wear the TIEKS anywhere and everywhere...I have been lusting after them for so long!! Thanks for the opportunity!

    First Grade Fairytales

  7. I would wear them to my common core meetings this summer!

  8. I would show my Tieks off at a wedding!

  9. I used Go Noodle this year as well. We loved it. I am considering upgrading to the plus account for my class in my new school!


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