Sunday, October 19, 2014

Teacher Tips: Save Ink & Save Money!

If your school is anything like mine ink = gold. I am usually SUPER flexible, but if you mess with my ink the claws come out. But as we all know, as the budget runs dry so doth the ink supply. Today I'm going to share with you a super easy tip to save some ink. 

Sometimes you need your students to have an entire sheet of paper to work on, but sometimes you really don't. One trick that I use is to print 2 or 4 pages to one sheet of paper. 

I know every printer works differently, but here is how I use this feature on my EPSON WorkForce 3450.

I use this trick at least once a week in some way. It saves ink AND cuts down on the number of copies I use on my school copy quote. Score x 2. :)

Products included in this post are my Hundreds Board Color By Number Mystery Puzzles for October and my Spin & Graph: Halloween (Bar Graph, Tally Chart, Line Plot & Pie Graph).


  1. I get a little obsessive about saving ink and paper so I use this trick A LOT! It makes so much sense and people see what I print and say, "hey, great idea!" ~ Lisa

  2. Do that all the time! We are always limited on copy paper, so I print two to a page and then also back to back. The kids like the mini pages and no one has ever complained about not being about to read it!


  3. <3 this idea!!
    AND...btw...I bought BOTH of the items from Tpt!!!!
    YOU ROCK!!

  4. I love printing two or four pages on a page! We have our copies counted and I only have so many! This is a great resource!

    What I Have Learned


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