Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rejection is a Good Thing

Today I came across this quote shared on facebook by my principal friend, Mr. Hughes. This quote inspired me to share my personal story about my beginning teaching career. 

Straight out of college I had an unusually difficult time getting interviews for teaching positions. On paper, I thought I looked okay but the calls weren't rolling in like I had expected. I had a few interviews, but no takers. 

I was beyond discouraged. Teaching was my calling. All I needed I was a classroom of my own and someone to give me a chance.

I graduated in May and when September rolled around I still hadn't been hired. I was working at a local department store, barely making ends meet, and was considering taking on a second part time job. Not the bright start I had been expecting at all.

My Mom encouraged me to apply for ANY position in my local schools that I may be qualified for. So I did. I applied for office positions, TA positions, and anything else I thought may get me into a school building. 

In October, I  finally got called for an interview . . .  for a teaching assistant position. I was excited, but it wasn't what I wanted. I ended up accepting the position and had the pleasure to work with inspiring teachers who made me feel included and valued from the get go.

During that school year I moved into a full time teaching position on the same grade level (second) and I remained at that school for the next 5 years. The girls I worked with became my school family. They transformed me and helped me become the teacher I am today. The love I have for these women cannot be expressed with words. There are no words. 

My time spent as a teacher assistant gave me an insight and an appreciation for school support staff that I would not have otherwise. Then, starting my very own class in the third quarter of the school year taught me that I have more strength than I could have ever imagined.

I am so grateful for all of the rejections that I endured as I started my teaching journey. Without all of those rejections I would have never met Hello Mrs. Sykes, started this blog, and met all of you wonderful teacher friends. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I would love to hear about yours so leave a comment or e-mail me: theoriginalmathmaniac(at)yahoo(dot)com. :)


  1. My story starts of similar. I was subbing and not getting hired, which is why I started my blog and then TpT. There was a reason to start all this, helping others out. I love the emails I get from subs and all the new friends I make. Now that I'm in my second year of teaching, I know it all happened for a reason and a reason why I was going in that certain direction.

  2. Friend, you have been a huge blessing in my life, and you helped me remember to teach math every day for 2 years. You even made it fun. Huge hugs!

  3. Great story and wonderful quote. Sara

  4. I was a teaching assistant for several years before finishing my degree and becoming a teacher. It was a perfect introduction to education! Great post!

  5. I was a teaching assistant for several years before finishing my degree and becoming a teacher. It was a perfect introduction to education! Great post!

  6. Just found this post again, friend! You are an amazing teacher!! Hugs, Jen


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